Is website design alone enough to achieve high incomes?


With the expansion of the use of the Internet and search engines, especially in recent years, many businesses have thought to design their business online. Is website design alone enough to achieve high incomes?

To achieve high incomes in online businesses, it is necessary for you to appear and be seen in the Google space. SEO and site optimization is an organic tool that can be seen better and more in the Google space by benefiting from it and improving the ranking. You can also increase the number of visits to your site by using SEO consulting and earn several hundred million dollars per month. In the following, we will explain to you more about SEO and its importance and the types of SEO services.

What is SEO and site optimization?

SEO and site optimization is a trending topic and of course a challenge in today’s business world. To put it simply, what is SEO? We will give you a real example. When you are looking for something, you usually search on Google to get information. Usually you click on the first links. But how can one rank first and another rank 100 among all the existing websites?!

Being in these positions is naturally not a chance! Websites that prove to Google that they deserve these positions, Google will give them a good rank. So how can you prove it? This is where we come to SEO.

In fact, SEO is a set of operations that is done continuously and optimizes your website for search engines so that you can be seen in the best ranks of Google.

The importance of SEO for online businesses

The importance of SEO for online businesses is more than their daily bread. Because it is by performing site optimization operations that a website can prove its worth to Google to get high rankings. Since there are many competitors for you in every field of work, without site optimization and SEO, you cannot be in a good position on the Google results page. By ranking in the best Google rankings, you can organically increase the number of visits to your site and increase the income and profit of your business by increasing the number of entries.

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The main steps to carry out SEO operations

To optimize your site, you need to go through a series of steps. First, solve the technical problems of your site. So that your site is in good condition. In the next step, improve the internal status of your site. Do a series of actions in the space outside the website under the title of external SEO to improve the ranking of your site’s target keywords and be seen on the first page of Google. Of course, you can take these steps in parallel according to your SEO strategy and cost.

First operation) Technical SEO or Technical-SEO

In order for all the operations and work you do to improve the site’s ranking in the form of internal and external SEO to be seen and come to Google’s eyes, it is necessary for Google’s crawlers to easily access your site. Technical and technical SEO is a set of actions that are performed on a site so that Google’s crawlers can easily access your site. Rate your site by reviewing and analyzing everything you do for your site.

Second operation) Internal SEO or On-Page SEO

Internal SEO is a set of actions that are carried out in the internal space of the website so that the target keywords of your site can rank. Internal SEO optimization is done with the aim of obtaining user satisfaction; Because Google values its users a lot.
In fact, by writing valuable and high-quality content, optimizing the title, tags, meta descriptions, optimizing photos, etc., you gain user satisfaction, and in this way, it is considered by Google as a useful site for users and in a good position on the serp results page. Google will be displayed to the user.

Third operation) External SEO or Off-Page SEO

External SEO is a set of actions that are carried out outside the website. The set of off-page operations is carried out with the aim of improving the site’s keyword ranking. Because Google gives more importance to sites that have received more and more valuable backlinks. In fact, with these actions, search engines trust your site more. To get backlinks, you can publish reports, buy backlinks, participate in forums, publish guest posts, use social signals, etc.

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