Interview with Bahman Mohebi

  1. Please, tell us a little about yourself so that our audience get to know you better.

I’m Bahman Mohebi, born in January 1989, in Rasht city, Gilan province. I was interested in arts since childhood.

And I always wanted to learn music or play an instrument. After a while, I saw that my talent was in my eyes; I could pick the right hairstyle for people based on their personality, their job, their relations, their style of clothing from hats and glasses to clothes and shoes, and the shape of their body and face. And thank God I’ve had the chance and honor to work with many soccer players, movie actors, male models, and singers.

Interview with Bahman Mohebi

  1. How did you become interested in hairdressing and fashion?

I myself love clothes and fashion, but in my own way! Everyone always told me how great the clothes combinations I choose go together. The more positive comments I received from people around me, the more eager I became to continue. Finally, I could shift my focus from clothes and hairstyle, which I really liked, to working as an stylist and make-up artist.

  1. How did you start working with celebrities, especially singers and artists?

Well about singers, it started with good singers like Reza Bahram, GarshaRezaii, Evan Band and …. First, it started as single counseling sessions, and then gradually, I started working with them in their concerts, trailers and music videos. Their trust in me helped me move forward and caused other artists to want to work with me.

  1. In your opinion, how should a singer or band player look on the stage?

The most important thing for an artist is to look smart and unique on the stage to attract people’s attention. Aside from an artist’s voice and music, their smart and neat appearance can create visual fascination for the audience and attract more people to their concerts. Depending on the singer’s type of music, different types of make-up and style are chosen for them.

  1. Which type of musicians have you worked with the most?

Pop and fusion muisicians.

  1. Are you personally interested in music? Where does music stand in your life?

I think music can be present in all aspects of human life because it’s connected to our souls. Whether you’re happy or sad, music can amplify your emotions. I’m really interested in music, and I always follow it. Musicians are all respectable, whether they’re at the level of holding concerts, or they’re beginners.

  1. Some critics believe that wrinkles on an artist’s face can tell us about their personality and even their background in arts. How do you do make-up for celebrities?

For actors, wrinkles can sometimes have a positive effect on their look and personality; but again, this depends on the genre they’re acting in. However, for singers, I think wrinkles are often seen as negative because their audience is made up of young people, aged 10 to 30 years old, who mostly tend to follow younger artists. So the more smooth and flawless a singer’s face looks, the more attractive it is to the young generation. And this way, they feel closer to the singer.

  1. Are you treated the way you should be by the artists? Do they understand your important role in their career?

They’re all my friends and they’ve always been kind to me. I only do my job and don’t expect anything too much from anyone, but they’ve always been kind to me, and I thank them for that.

  1. Well that’s the moral side of the story. How about your rights in financial terms?

Well, because I love what I do, it gives me peace. Sometimes, there are cases where our rights get violated, too, like in any other profession. But I always stay positive and try to move forward and think about the future where I can do something positive for my country in this field.

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