The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitumen Roof Shingles

Bitumen roof shingles are becoming more popular for work with on sheds, summerhouses, log cabins plus other garden structures, but what are usually the benefits and drawbacks regarding using them?

The huge benefits

1. Roof Shingles are Good Seeking
Bitumen felt roof covering tiles are typically the George Clooney of roof coverings. These come in a variety involving different shapes plus colours so an individual can pick which usually you prefer. Rectangle tab shingles are the time honoured favourites but other styles such as hexagonal and beaver end are now catching up quick. The exact same goes for colors. You can’t go wrong with good old black or perhaps green but newer, more earthy hues, are becoming even more popular. We’ve been advertising a lot of greys, browns and reds.

2. Roofs Shingles are Fast and Easy to setup

Once you recognize the principles associated with fixing them a person should have your own building covered plus watertight in no time at all. This is a good idea to lay down the shingle strip out on the ground first to check out you may have the routine before fixing all of them down. Some shingle strips have the bitumen layer about the back which often heats up within the sun to make an extra protective layer, some simply have small dabs of asphalt. Both way, the whitening strips need to end up being fixed down with large headed clout nails. Roofing is definitely easier and quicker with two staff.

3. Shingles for Roofing are Heavier and Longer Lasting.

Felt roof shingles are 3mm heavy and are also made coming from a fibre mug core that is coated in top quality bitumen then covered about top with jewel. They are fitted in like method as they overlap each other to create the mandatory style so for the most part points on your creating you will truly have a 6mm covering. They are gentle so you could fit them easily but they will not really rip easily like cheap shed experienced. Their quality means they are a lot more durable and will final a lot extended than shed felt which has some sort of life expectancy involving just 3-5 yrs.

4. Felt Roof covering Tiles are Remarkably Immune to Wind

The particular IKO roofing shingles we supply have been thoroughly tested Throughout wind tunnels to ensure they will be quality products. The storms that many of us have in the particular UK are not intended for them with activity only occurring inside hurricane force wind gusts. If you reside in an exposed area they are absolutely a good alternative to suit your needs.

The Down sides

1. Cost

Roof top shingles initially price slightly more than a new traditional shed experienced. Having said that Bpcl bitumen price , if you think regarding how long that they last for plus the quality you are getting, after some time you can observe your purchase while an investment. You will reap the returns of this investment decision in the end.

2. Rate To correct

Although shingles may be fixed comparatively easily and quickly they are not quite because fast to job with as get rid of felt. With respect to the sizing of the developing you may have to allocate the good proportion upon the day for the task instead of the hour or so or so it could take with felt. Roof structure shingles are however a lot faster and better to job with than some other roofing materials such as slates or cedar wood shingles. We believe they are worth and take note effort.

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