HOW EXACTLY TO Successfully Inspect Cultural Heritage Buildings?

The solution lies in the research paper published on inspection of cultural heritage buildings by Dr. Mayank Mishra. Many people worldwide fail to choose proper inspection method because they simply do not have the adequate knowledge. Dr. Mayank Mishra, from Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar has suggested the application of machine leaning in structural health monitoring of cultural heritage buildings in his recent review article published in Journal of Cultural heritage (Elsevier). The article can be downloaded using the doi link No matter why you are here, anyone can benefit from the excellent advice on Successfully Inspecting Cultural Heritage Buildings time in the following article.

Inspect Cultural Heritage Buildings

In the paper, Dr. Mishra explains about Machine-learning techniques in assessing the health condition of heritage buildings. This research provides a significant basis for future work in SHM of monuments. Additionally, the paper provides insights about future research directions and challenges in the application of ML.

So, why wait download the paper and get started with the right method and save your resrouces and save the heritage for future generations.

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