The Big difference Between STYROFOAM and Expanded Polystyrene

Over the many years, several have blended up the brand name STYROFOAM™ with the polymer expanded polystyrene. It is very widespread to use STYROFOAM™ as a generic time period for foam espresso cups and consider-out containers, which are typically manufactured of expanded polystyrene. The previous is a trademark of the Dow Chemical Business for its extruded polystyrene item, which differs vastly from the generic expanded assortment. Although both are rigid, closed-cell, thermoplastic foam merchandise, they are made in different ways and have special attributes as nicely.

STYROFOAM™ manufacturer extruded polystyrene is a result of stress and really sizzling temperatures. Sound polystyrene crystals, additives and a blowing agent go through an extruder, in which they are merged and melted into a viscous, plastic fluid. This mixture is then fed to a die and is shaped, cooled and minimize.

Expanded polystyrene, on the other hand, is manufactured of very small, interconnected beads of polystyrene. Throughout production, pentane fuel is dissolved into the polystyrene foundation to attain growth. When fashioned, like STYROFOAM™, they can be molded to certain requirements.

Styrofoam in the construction organization prefer STYROFOAM™ for building insulation owing to its substantial R-value (degree of heat resistance), fantastic compression energy, and resistance to dampness. Expanded polystyrene is the perfect option for individuals in the market place for packaging and soundproofing material, as properly as void fill.

The unique traits that STYROFOAM™ and expanded polystyrene possess make them ideal for certain functions, and programs will count on the venture needs. Seeking the expert guidance of trusted suppliers can assist establish which foam product greatest fits a venture.

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