“Make the Atal Tunnel undertaking a circumstance examine for the complete world” — phrases by none other than our very own Key Minister, Narendra Modi, go out of their way to explain to us how essential and productive this task has been.

But then the queries come up — what is the Rohtang Tunnel task? Why did we want it in the very first place? How is it beneficial to us at all? Properly, don’t worry, as opposed to the popular perception, the responses will arrive strolling to you for this one!

The What and the Why?

The Rohtang Tunnel, or the Atal Tunnel, is a freeway tunnel developed beneath the Rohtang Move in the eastern Pir Panjal variety. Named following our former Primary Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who initiated the design approach, this tunnel is the longest tunnel at any time produced over the elevation of about 3100m, which helps make this project even far more marvellous!

The tunnel lowers the vacation time and all round distance among Manali and Keylong, on the way to Leh. The route, which formerly went by way of Gramphu, was 116 km long and took 5 to six hrs in great situations. The traveller now reaches the South Portal of the tunnel from Manali, a distance of 24.4 km in about fifty minutes, goes by means of the nine.02 km prolonged tunnel in about fifteen minutes and reaches Keylong which is 45 km absent in about sixty minutes.

The new route by way of the tunnel delivers down the complete length travelled to seventy eight.forty two km which can be lined in about two hours and 5 minutes, a reduction of around three to 4 hours when when compared to the before route. And if which is not very good adequate, the tunnel bypasses most of the websites that were prone to highway blockades, avalanches and visitors snarls. As a result rising the safety of the travellers and additional lowering their journey time. The closing price of the complete task is close to ₹3,200 crores, right after the entire task being revised three moments.

A marvel of Civil Engineering — an incredible feat!

The journey for all wonderful achievements is met with hardships — difficulties that were confronted, solved and conquer. This task was no different, having troubles, even a lot more, tougher than the normal.

The higher altitude, topography, minimal temperatures, h2o ingress — you identify it. The building of the Atal Tunnel was no effortless process. But like constantly, Atal tunnel to Ladakh (BRO!) solved these problems environment however yet another case in point of engineering.

Some of the a lot of roadblocks faced had been –

Water Ingression — Seri Nullah (or Seri Nalah), a glacier-fed rivulet flowing through tunnel cavities brought on all the menacing water ingress on the south portal of the tunnel.
Really Low Temperatures — This kind of lower temperatures experienced imposed the need to have for specific, reinforced concrete. The scenario throughout the winters was even even worse, where even the accessibility route to the south portal necessary ongoing snow clearance.

Topographical Layout — The peculiar topography of the mountain assortment by way of which the tunnel is currently being excavated precludes any useful likelihood of a shaft or adit. This intended the excavation could be tried only from the two portals, of which the North Portal is not obtainable for a lot more than 50 % the calendar year.

Learnings in progress

The Rohtang Tunnel is experiencing significant challenges owing to the way the venture has been conceived. The tunnel structure with a uni-directional twin-tube would have almost certainly required a easier help system and a single of the tubes could have been employed to open up more excavation faces for the other tube, particularly in the stretches like Seri Nala. The rock lessons in the Rohtang Tunnel are based mostly on the NGI ‘Q’ system, which is an empirical program and does not take into consideration appropriate geomechanical modelling of the rock. The dedication of the ‘Q’ worth by itself is conjectural and may range from geologist to geologist. This makes the procedure of rock class perseverance tough and contentious on web site. A a lot more sturdy system based on ground behaviour demands to be adopted.

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